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I am a                                            and
              Health and Wholeness Coach.

I’m Lisa Barge.

I believe that each of us has our own individual light that the world needs us to embrace and ignite. You are meant to live your passion, take up space and lead a fulfilled life. I am dedicated to leading you into embracing this more and showing you how you can let go of the struggle, the sacrifice and mom guilt in order to create more vibrant, fulfilled, meaningful moments with the ones that matter the most. 

            compassionate,  fun-loving              inspired

I am a                                           
and                 Health and Wholeness Coach.

           compassionate,  fun-loving    inspired

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We all have unique challenges, juggling work and family, travel and relationship, serving and self care. In the midst of it all, sometimes you forget about that light inside, lose the ability to see it clearly or maybe even don’t believe it’s there any more. You are not alone, and I created a community of powerful, intelligent and strong women to cheer each other on, share in the struggle and help in finding that light and letting it shine.  

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My favorite thing about my job is guiding women to embrace their own strength, beauty and abilities to create the life of their dreams. If you’re ready for more,

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My top 3 tips to create more fulfillment, purpose and soul shining moments in your life!